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MK Énergies upstream of the New Processes …

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March 30 , 2017 | Posted by MK Com' |

MK Énergies upstream of the New Processes …

2017 Offers numerous events and shows focused on technological innovations and diversification of new industrial processes. To this end, MK Énergies takes participations for three major gatherings, such as the 2nd edition of CIS Morocco, the 24th AVH Symposium and the 5th ESST. Building on the success of the first International Sugar Conference in 2015, the Sugar Professional Association (APS) co-organized with the International Sugar Organization (OIS) the second edition of CIS Morocco on 22 and 23 February In Marrakech with the theme: “An Integrated and Competitive African Sugar Sector: Dream or Reality?”. This conference provided an opportunity for MK Énergies to meet with African and global sugar players, as well as sugar professionals, to share experiences and information on the economic and technological prospects of this market sector.

The sugar sector, now subject to economic constraints and sustainable development, must innovate, be competitive and demonstrate its participation in the environmental effort. The Andrew Van Hook Association (AVH) offers to sugar professionals as well as manufacturers, suppliers and searchers an annual forum for exchanges and information on technical issues. On Thursday, 30 March, more than 100 participants, including MK Énergies, took part in this conference, which focused on biotechnological processes aimed at replacing petrochemical derivatives with molecules derived from sugar and biomass.

The MK Énergies marathon continues on May 22, 23 and 24 with the 5th European Society for Sugar Technology (ESST). The latter will be held in Dresden, Germany, to promote scientific work in the sugar industry, related industries and thus facilitate the exchange of scientific results.

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