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Inauguration of the agency MK Energies Arras!

MK EnergiesCommunication Energy NetworksInauguration of the agency MK Energies Arras!



June 16 , 2017 | Posted by MK Com' |

Inauguration of the agency MK Energies Arras!

On Thursday, June 15th, the Pole Énergies inaugurated it new MK Énergies Arras branch located on Pierre and Marie Curie Street in Saint-Laurent-Blangy, Pas de Calais.
A great opportunity for us to welcome our Clients, our Partners and, of course, the elected representatives of the city.
This event, which took place during a good part of the morning, obviously made it possible to visit the new premises of the agency and to measure its own operational resources, but above ail to present ail of MK Énergies’s businesses with a particular focus on expertises of MK Networks and MK Power. Johan MANKA, CEO of MK Énergies, reminded us of the strengths of the company and the values that drive ail its teams.
This inauguration ended in good humor and conviviality with besides an excellent barbecue, privileged moment of any good entrepreneur!
We sincerely thank ail the customers and participants who, through their presence, testified to their confidence in MK Énergies Arras.

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