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Our strategy


Since its creation, MK Energies implements a model which favorise growth, both organically and externally, as well as competitiveness. MK Energies relies for that on points of strength, enabling to progressively build its field of activities and transform “visionary” approach of his craft into practical innovative achievements, conveying progress for its customers and so permitting satisfaction for its teams.

To do this, MK Energies has four major advantages:

  • An organization that is enriched by companies with strong brands and recognized by their differentiated and complementary expertise allowing MK Energies to implement a single deployment and to cover itself with market segments, with a global local offer.
    Today, MK Energies brings together MK Arras, MK Dunkerque, MK Reims, MK Saint-Dizier, MK Saint-Quentin, MK Contracting & Mobility, MK Power & Process, MK Team & MK School.
  • A culture of innovation, maintained and renewed constantly, causing an offensive commercial policy with differentiated brands. By this strategy with specific products and services, MK Energies has managed over the years build and assert its leadership as a key integrator both with its customers and partners.
  • Sustained development, translates today with a presence in both mature countries worldwide and in emerging markets in Europe.
  • A diversified business approach, combining all the expertise and business in each industry, to ensure the most comprehensive coverage possible to the markets.

Our Businesses, Our Expertises


  • Production plant, HTA / HTB substation, HV / LV distribution, Control panels, Network optimization and securing, Lighting.

Electrical Engineering:

  • Supply and integration of reconditioned new or reused rotating machines (Turboalternators, Generating sets, Gas turbines), analysis and expertise of complex Power Plants.

Power Electronics:

  • Transfo-Rectifiers, Continuous or Pulsed HT, High Power Supply, Inverters and Special Converters.


  • Control, Instrumentation, Automation, Control systems & supervision.

Computers & Networks:

  • Communications Networks, Industrial Computing, Data-Channels-Images, Data Transmission, Connected Objects.

Industrial Maintenance:

  • Continuous Multi-technical & Multi-site.


  • Computer and Communication Networks, Electrical Production and Distribution, Conduct of Power Plants.


Our Governance

Johan Manka


(*)Groupe MKE COMEX's member

Amélie Mouton

Administrative & Financial

Pauline Fabbian

Corporate Social Responsibility

Nicolas Bourgoin

Agency of Reims

Frédéric Chrysostome


Angel Collado


Stéphane Couvez

Agency of Saint-Dizier

Stéphane Dreher

Global Service & Solutions’s Division

Jérôme Legris

MK Contracting & Mobility’s Department

Sébastien Manceau

Agency of Saint-Quentin

Matthieu Nicomette

Deputy General Director
MK School
MK Team

Michel Veret

Agency of Arras

Our Structural Organization

Notre Organisation Structurelle

Our CSR Values

Because our group’s CSR values are a source of meaning and condition our actions and commitments, we want to share them with you:

  • Entrepreneurship: We undertake with courage, professionalism, rigor and high standards, but also with helpfulness, optimism, closeness and curiosity.
  • Excellence: Our main assets are women and men, also we seek, we integrate, we train and we retain our new talents, to enrich and capitalize our know-how and our expertise. We put the customer at the heart of our concern by offering the best services with more innovation.
  • Protection: Safety is in our DNA, we pay attention to the health of our employees. We involve, motivate and challenge each employee in the area of safety. Likewise, we put our teams in a position to give the best. We are concerned about our environment by controlling and reducing our consumption of fossil resources as much as possible.
  • Confidence: Make our company a place for meetings, exchanges, sharing and conviviality to give more meaning to our project and more desire to work together. We develop and cultivate a state of mind that is unique and specific to our own experience and which is based on trust, respect, honesty and transparency.

Our policy "SSE"

Safety, Health and Environment for employees but also extra staff and subcontractors, are fundamental values for MK Energies.

That’s why MK Energies focuses its Health Policy, Safety and Environment on 5 axes:

  • First by controlling at any time : zero risk, zero exposure and zero pollution.
  • By integrating prevention into all actions and reflections, through talks and audits, via a continuous dialogue and the interest in the experience feedback (recovered almost accidents, dangerous situations, pollution, etc … )
  • By guaranteeing the satisfaction of its customers through trained and qualified staff, the use of tools compliant and checked daily, having finally listening carefully to customers.
  • By preserving primarily Health and the Environment; with a fight against various addictions, according to the limitation of greenhouse gas emissions and waste sorting.
  • Finally, with a constant desire to improve constantly, thanks to the MASE certification obtained.

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