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Report : The energy efficiency…

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April 20 , 2017 | Posted by MK Com' |

Report : The energy efficiency…

Energy efficiency is a reality that electricians have been dealing with a daily basis for many years. Whether on subjects such as low loss transformers, reactive energy compensation, lighting control, reduction of voltage drops in cables or even variation in speed on quadratic torque machines. Electricians are major players who can offer so-called active or passive solutions that will enable you to optimize your energy consumption. Today, the difference comes from the ISO 50001 standardization. It is in this approach that we have resolutely chosen to register, providing with new means and tools to accompany you in your steps. We are working on the development and implementation of recording and reporting tools for energy efficiency. Beyond the fashion effect, it is in action and business skills that we are resolutely steering our approach towards our customers in terms of energy efficiency.

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