Our Global & Local Structural Organization

MKE 2019 Jan 2019-11

With a perfect knowledge of manufacturing processes in glassworks and cement factories, MK Energies consolidates its activity through an active commercial approach, with expertise in industrial automation.

MKE 2019 Jan 2019-14

Located in Reims and Saint-Dizier, MK Great Eastern is ideally located in the Greater East region of France, for a local activity combined with a comprehensive strategy.

MKE 2019 Color Mai 2019 International-01

Become a key player internationally by pursuing our strategy of “local” in correlation with our global expertise through other locations, and the creation of agencies and / or the acquisition of small companies with strong local reputation.

MKE 2019 Jan 2019-17

Located in Saint-Laurent-Blangy with a work center in Bergues, MK Nord-Pas-de-Calais is ideally located in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region, for local activity combined with a comprehensive strategy.

MKE 2019 Jan 2019-16

Located in Origny-Sainte-Benoîte, MK Picardie aims to respond on complete offers with a regional positioning covering all the Picardy.

MKE 2019 Jan 2019-10

With a thorough knowledge of manufacturing processes, MK Energies consolidates its activity in sugar and distillery by active sales approach with innovative and comprehensive offerings such as aspects of energy efficiency and aspects of maintenance.

Activity is balanced on the 2 sugar crops: beet and cane. MK Energies is thus able to seize opportunities in Brazil, Africa and other sugars from grain.

MKE 2019 Jan 2019-18

MK Energies, through the MK Power expertise, will soon be able to offer training for the entire chain of exploitation and maintenance of a power plant as well as for distribution network and transformation Hight Voltage / Low Voltage.